Best gluten-friendly dining

Savana Capp, Reporter


GRAZERS’ create-your-own style restaurant specializes in satisfying customers with dietary restrictions also features gluten-free options.

“Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free is not an afterthought for us, it is how we designed our restaurant,” said Stacey Lasher, who co-owns the restaurant with Carl Bauer. 

Even though GRAZERS has a reputation as a vegan and vegetarian restaurant, the number one seller is the chicken rice bowl, which is entirely gluten free.

“All of our protein choices are gluten free,” Lasher said. 

The restaurant aims to have all customers enjoy their food with or without allergies. 

“You can have a delicious meal as someone without allergies and you’re person with a dietary need can also have a delicious meal so nobody has to sacrifice,” Lasher said. 

GRAZERS has some of its items pre-packaged like hummus, vegan chili and energy bites in Rosie’s and Eastway for students. 

SECOND (TIED): Taco Tontos

Taco Tontos is a fast-paced Mexican restaurant that has a wide variety of menu options either already gluten free or that can be made gluten free. 

Emily Yohn, one of the owners, said some of the popular items are tacos, burritos and enchiladas, and most of them can be gluten free. 

“We have lots of options for gluten free and vegan,” Yohn said. 

Taco Tontos is a locally-owned Kent restaurant with locations in both Kent and Lakewood. The store was nominated for several Best of Kent categories and is located at 123 Franklin Avenue. (Matthew Brown)

Any burrito can be made into a bowl to be gluten free. Taco Tontos’ soft and hard shells are made out of corn ingredients, which makes them gluten free. 

The restaurant also has an outdoor seating option for warmer weather. Along with normal food and beverages, alcoholic beverages are also offered and featured in the DORA section downtown during the summer.


Fresco Mexican Grill and Salsa Bar offers Tex-Mex style food – and over a dozen salsa options at its salsa bar. 

Almost anything on the menu can be made gluten free, vegan or vegetarian, and most items are already gluten-free. 

Fresco uses corn products to make their shells and chips, and the menu includes a “GF,” which stands for gluten free, next to almost every item. 

Some customer favorites include the sea food taco, the original quesadilla and the “cheese please” burrito. 

Tim Ingersoll, one of the managers, said most customers enjoy the relaxed, fast and casual atmosphere of the restaurant. Everything is made to order.

“We make everything fresh everyday,” Ingersoll said. “That’s unique to most of these places.” 

Savana Capp is a reporter. Contact her at [email protected]