Best food delivery app or service

Michael Neenan, Reporter

FIRST: DoorDash

DJ Smith, a junior biology pre-med major, said she prefers DoorDash compared to other delivery apps because of the app’s low delivery fees. 

“It’s usually pretty cheap,” Smith said. 

Junior journalism major Vanessa Davidson said she likes the app’s layout.

“I like how accessible it is,” Davidson said. “It gives you different food genres at the top so you can select Asian restaurants or Mexican restaurants, things like that.”

Although ordering in a restaurant would cost less, Smith said she still recommends ordering off DoorDash over other delivery app competitors. 

“For example, I order a lot of sushi from Kenko and so if I were to go to Kenko, I think it’s like $12. But if I order DoorDash then it’d be like $17,” Smith said.

Despite this, Smith would still recommend DoorDash over other delivery apps like UberEats or GrubHub.

SECOND: UberEats

Senior finance major Jacob Walker said he uses UberEats about once every two weeks. He called the service “intuitive.”

“I think the app is easy to use,” Walker said. “I think the layouts are easy to navigate. It separates what types of food you want. Sometimes the closest options to you are shown first. It’s pretty nifty.”

Walker said he would recommend the service to friends.

“I would recommend it if you’re someone who just really doesn’t want to go pick up your own food,” Walker said. “I would still recommend carry out because that allows you to avoid delivery fees.”

Walker said the app does charge additional fees.

“This might extend to all delivery services, but the service fees and delivery fees, they can run up pretty high,” Walker said. 

THIRD: GrubHub

According to the company’s website, GrubHub was founded in 2004 in Chicago by two web developers who disliked ordering food from outdated menus. 

Freshman fashion merchandsing major Layne Fry said she uses GrubHub about every other week, but sometimes she uses it even more sparingly.

“They have a lot of deals where I can get free delivery,” Fry said. “I’m able to order from places that are further away from campus that, because I don’t have a car, I can’t ever get to, and so it helps if I want to try a new restaurant that’s all the way across town.”

Michael Neenan is a reporter. Contact him at [email protected].