Best event/festival


Kait Murray

Phi Delta Theta fraternity throws a darty March 11 on East Main Street for the unofficial holiday Fake Paddy’s Day.

Lex Ogilvie, Reporter

FIRST: Fake Paddy’s Day

With partying starting as early as 7 a.m., students, friends and alumni filled the streets in celebration of Fake Paddy’s Day. The tradition took place March 11, the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day this year.  

People spent all day going to bars, visiting with friends and listening to music blasting from houses lining Main Street. Some students cooked green pancakes to give partygoers while others set up bonfires to keep everyone warm.

Jake Rankin, a sophomore and member of the Phi Delt, reflected on last year’s activities. 

“Last year was cold as hell,” Rankin said. “People still showed out, it was a great time.”

When hosting a party, some students focused on keeping their peers safe while still having fun. Anthony Savoca, a senior human resource management major and member of Phi Delt, said the house had caution tape around it to make sure everyone was safe while celebrating.

“We’re registered for today so we have to because there’s gonna be a lot of people in and out,” Savoca said. “We have to mitigate risk and being safe and everything.”

SECOND: Sex Week

Sex Week, the informative safe-sex focused program, ran from Oct. 24 to Oct. 28, with the catchphrase “It’ll make you scream.” It featured a condom fairy, a Q&A event titled ‘Sex in the Dark’ and an ally training workshop. Kent Interhall Council also planned other games and classes related to safe sex, inclusivity and awareness. 

Freshman Mia Fawls, who participated in Sex Week, said she found the week fun and educational. 

“I went to one of the games, and you played for a t-shirt,” Fawls said. “You went to each booth and you feel like it’s your passport. Whenever you completed one of [the related] activities, they’d stamp it and you keep going until you basically got all of them and then get a free t-shirt.”

THIRD: Halloween

Whether at the bars, fraternity parties or walking around campus, people put on their spookiest costumes Oct. 31.   

Freshmen Dominic Trusso (left) and Nicholas Carbone (right) dress up as Santa and Buddy from “Elf.” They decided to wear these costumes because Trusso and Carbone enjoy Christmas. (Asha Blake)

Events were thrown on and off campus for students and community members. The University Library transformed into “Haunted Library,” FAB hosted a “Booquet” making event and Main Street’s family-friendly trick-or-treat. 

Freshman animation game design major Mya Coblentz said she enjoyed all of the festivities. 

“Between the official university events and student [run] stuff, you can find something at your speed,” Coblentz said. “If you want something calmer, there are events like movie nights and the library event. There were also higher-energy parties for those who prefer that.”

Lex Ogilvie is a reporter. Contact her at [email protected].