Best vegan and vegetarian dining


Anthony Scilla

The inside of GRAZERS March 14. GRAZERS is located at 123 N. Water St.

Savana Capp, Reporter


GRAZERS is a fast casual restaurant with a create-your-own concept, specializing in meeting people’s wide variety of dietary needs. 

Owners Stacey Lasher and Carl Bauer said they understand what it’s like to not have anywhere to eat for those with dietary restrictions. 

“It was a priority to us to create a restaurant that caters to dietary needs because we experienced that in our lives and didn’t have anywhere to eat out,” Lasher said. 

They created their restaurant so everyone could enjoy the food and not have to worry about their eating preferences or limitations holding them back. 

“If you have food allergies, we’re there for you. If you’re vegan, we’re there for you,” Bauer said. “If you’re a meat eater, we’re also there for you.”

One of their menu favorites is the create-your-own quesadilla, which comes with vegan cheese. They also sell vegan mac-and-cheese. 

“Just because you are a vegan or vegetarian doesn’t mean you want to eat salad all the time,” Lasher said. “If you are tired of eating the same old thing at all of the same old places, come to GRAZERS because you can get something delicious and different.”

SECOND: Taco Tontos

Taco Tontos has a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian alternatives to favorite menu options, according to Emily Yohn, one of the restaurant’s owners. 

Tempeh, tofu or seitan are some of its vegan protein alternatives. Vegan dressings and sour cream are also made in-house and served. People with and without food allergies can enjoy the food, and Yohn said she hopes people will see what the options are all about in person. 

“They would have to come in,” Yohn said. “We’d be happy to answer any questions.”

THIRD: Pacific East

Pacific East provides authentic Japanese, Chinese and Malaysian food to the Kent community. 

From vegetable hibachi to the variations of tofu, vegans and vegetarians have options to choose from. 

Eva Lai, the manager of Pacific East, said they also get special requests from customers and make vegetarian or vegan options that aren’t on the menu. 

“We have a lot of vegan choices,” Lai said. “We have Chinese food, Japanese food, Malaysian food, a lot of choices.” 

Lai said most of the customers are Kent students, and she loves the friendliness and conversation they bring to the restaurant. 

Savana Capp is a reporter. Contact her a [email protected]