Best restaurant for food delivery


Anthony Scilla

EuroGyro’s interior bar space March 14. EuroGyro is located at 107 S. Depeyster St.

Chloe Cornely, Reporter

FIRST: EuroGyro

EuroGyro, known for its homemade pizza dough, has been a “to-go” food stop for students since 1979.  

According to EuroGyro’s website, it was created by George Istocki in Massillon. Istocki applied his years of experience working in his father’s restaurant and love of his Mediterranean heritage to create the famous EuroGyro Pizza.  

The Kent location is located on South Depeyster Street near campus. 

Manager Doug Shanley said he attributes the business’ success in “to-go” food to their long standing relationship with the Kent community. 

“We have been around for a while,” Shanley said. “We are a staple ‘to-go’ food for people here in town.”

EuroGyro offers deals throughout the week, like Wacky Wednesdays, and sells pizza, gyros and subs. They also sell alcohol.

Sophomore finance major Connor Butler said he enjoys EuroGyro’s stacked menu.  

“I love their pizza, it is my favorite thing to get there,” Butler said. “I normally order ‘to-go,’pick it up and watch a game with friends.”

SECOND: Insomnia Cookies

For a sweet late-night treat, Insomnia Cookies is stocked with over 15 cookie options, seven days a week.  

The Insomnia Cookies Kent location is located downtown on South Water Street and features cookie options such as red velvet, pina colada and confetti deluxe, as well as ice cream and cookie cakes. Boxes of cookies and cookie sandwiches are also available for lunch, dinner and dessert. 

The location offers delivery and pick-up options. 

“I love ordering cookies from Insomnia,” said Olivia Paull, a junior marketing major. “Specifically, my favorite is their cookie boxes where I can pick and choose what cookie flavors I want.”

THIRD: Hungry Howie’s Pizza

Hungry Howie’s Kent location has been serving the community for the past 17 years.

“We have great prices, great food and a lot of unique items that other pizza places don’t offer,” manager Matthew Potisuk said. “Our biggest thing, the thing that we are known for is our flavored crusts.”

Hungry Howie’s offers deals through online or over the-phone-orders including mix and match options for $6.99 and “Howie Deals” which range in sizes. 

Besides the standard pizza options, Hungry Howie’s offers other “to-go” options.

“We have subs that are unique,” Potisuk said. “They are made like calzones but with sub toppings in them and bread that is used to make our pizza dough.”

Chloe Cornely is a reporter. Contact her at [email protected].