Best off-campus housing

Luke Trupo, Reporter

FIRST: University Townhomes

Located at 1898 E. Summit St, University Townhomes was ranked number one for best off-campus housing. 

University Townhome offers three different sizes of townhomes: one person, four person and five person. 

Townhome renting prices start at $525 and go up to $639 a month, depending on the amount of roommates. Electricity, gas, utilities and water are all included in monthly rent. 

University Townhomes, which has two-story complexes, is different from other off-campus housing complexes because it has the layout of a house, with bedrooms, a kitchen, a backyard patio and in-home washers and dryers. The complex has access to PARTA buses. 

Adrian Jones has been the marketing manager for University Townhomes since 2021. 

“We really listen to our residents,” Jones said. “Debbie Davis, our property manager, has really engaged with our residents. When the residents call, she bends over backwards for them.” 

Jones said University Townhomes prides itself on their ability to work with and accommodate their residents, and Jones said their communication with residents is why they were ranked so highly. 

University Townhomes currently houses 270 residents, and 259 students have already signed lease agreements for the upcoming fall. 

SECOND: The Province

The Province off Lincoln Street offers studio apartments as well as apartments with one to four bedrooms. Rent prices range from $845 to $940 a month, depending on the style of apartment. 

The Province currently houses 596 students in its different apartment options. The Province also offers amenities such as a pool, gym, clubhouse and a movie theater. All apartments are fully furnished and have an in-unit washer and dryer. Apartments are pet-friendly, with some breed and weight restrictions. 

The Province is an off-campus housing option for Kent State students. It is located at 609 S. Lincoln St. (Yasmeen Matthews)

Mackenzie Gillis, who has worked at the Province for over a year as the complex leasing and marketing manager, said she enjoys her job. 

“I love working here because of the resident engagement I get here,” Gillis said. “Also our team is amazing. We all love working here.” 

THIRD: Campus Pointe

Campus Pointe has an on-site PARTA bus stop and is pet friendly, with some breed restrictions. 

The complex has apartments with two, three or four rooms. Each configuration has different floor plans. 

The price of rent ranges from $774 to $950 depending on the amount of students living together. 

Campus Pointe offers a range of amenities such as a yoga room, gym, pool and 24-hour study rooms. 

“Having all the residents come together is probably my favorite part,” said Sydney Young, who has been working at Campus Pointe’s resident engagement for over two years. “It’s really fun.” 

The complex is currently housing 628 students and is 67% filled for next year. 

Luke Trupo is a reporter. Contact him at [email protected]