Best Place to Cure a Hangover


Katie Welles

Mike’s Place – Best Place to Cure a Hangover 2014

Erin Zaranec


Mike’s Place

Walking into Mike’s Place is like walking into a secret new world. From the mermaid-clad pirate ship to Kent State signs, there is another secret that lies within the walls of Mike’s Place: a cure to the college hangover.  

“It’s nice that they are open early and their food is super greasy, which always helps after a night of drinking. It’s nice because it’s always acceptable to look like crap when you go there; you don’t have to worry about looking nice,” senior communication studies major Kaitlin Walker said.

While its food might be the perfect solution to nurse you back to health, Mike’s might not be the spot if students are looking for a quiet place to unwind from the night before. It’s almost guaranteed to be packed and bustling, with everyone from community members to students who just can’t seem to get enough of their food.


Wild Goats Café

If looking at Mike’s Place’s massive menu would make your head spin, Wild Goats Café is a better option to cure your hangover woes. With breakfast all day and customizable meals with vegetarian options, many students head to the café after a long night out.

“We certainly see students late in the morning and early afternoons on Fridays and Saturdays as well,” said Wild Goats owner Gary Ciborek. “We have definitely noticed that happening, they tend to come here to recover from their nights out.”

Curing your hangover at Wild Goats won’t break the bank either, as all menu options range from $6 to $9.



Tree City Coffee & Pastry

If you’re looking for a calmer location to cure your hangover, Tree City is the place to go.

The relaxing atmosphere of the coffee shop is a good space to unwind while you piece together what happened the night before. The breakfast and pastry options don’t hurt either.

“Tree City knows comfort food – and with so many organic options you can help cancel out the unhealthiness of last night,” journalism professor Evan Bailey said. “And, as the folks at Excedrin know, caffeine never hurts to fix a headache either.”

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