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Devo bassist recalls campus shooting

Lydia Coutré May 4, 2010

Casale: America lacks critical thinking skillsGerald Casale, the bassist for Kent-rooted band Devo, recounted his experience during May 4, 1970 as one of the students “in the thick of it.”Casale was...

‘Learning from the past is a prime consideration’

May 4, 2010

Student members of the May 4 Task Force kicked off the 40th anniversary commemoration by issuing a strong message to President Lester Lefton — items they deem “unfinished business” on behalf of the...

May 4 reshaped 1970s college students’ lives

Lydia Coutré May 4, 2010

Professor says youth lost interest in politicsThe events of May 4, 1970, left a mark not only on the students at Kent State but also on the entire college-aged generation.While the event affected individuals...

Imagine yourself here, 40 years ago

DKS editors May 3, 2010

For two hours today, pretend you don’t own a cell phone.Pretend you don’t have a Facebook account or a laptopto access it. Then imagine you know family and friendswho are fighting a war halfway around...

Visitors Center not open for 40th anniversary

Nick Glunt May 3, 2010

Room 101 of Taylor Hall was the office for the Daily Kent Stater in 1970, but today it is the future site of the May 4 Visitors Center, a three-room permanent exhibit planned for completion in no less...

The day according to students

Kristine Gill May 3, 2010

Eyewitnesses recount what they saw May 4Alan Canfora woke on the morning of May 4, 1970 after a difficult sleep. Helicopters had passed over campus all night, dropping canisters of tear gas. Martial Law...

Tin soldiers and Nixon’s coming

Sarah Steimer May 3, 2010

David Crosby handed Neil Young a copy of Life magazine back in the spring of 1970. On the cover was a black-and-white photo of a wounded Kent State student, freshly shot by a member of the Ohio National...

Lewis: We all have a right to protest

May 3, 2010

Civil rights leader addresses activism in front of full houseU.S. Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), one of the top civil rights leaders of the 1960s, said he didn’t feel worthy to be on the “very special ground”...

Students weigh in on significance of Kent State shootings

Sarah Spaulding May 3, 2010

For some, May 4 remembrance is just a day off of classesForty years ago today, Kent State students gathered on Blanket Hill with the intentions of changing the world; little did they know the impact they...

Embracing the past

Dedication ceremony officially recognizes May 4 memorial location as part of the National Register of Historic PlacesOscar Ritchie Hall looks out to the east over the Commons and Blanket Hill. Today, there...

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